Great Dixter on Friday, April 14, 2017

The classic view of the incomparable home and garden of the late Christopher Lloyd. Christo was not only brilliant in how he created and managed the garden here as we know it, he found, groomed and set Fergus Garrett in place to follow his lead. I have yearned to visit for longer than I can remember. Unlike so many famous destinations, Dixter far exceeded my lofty expectations. I hope my very amateur photography conveys a bit of its grandeur, elegance and perfection. Commentary will be brief. It's pretty superfluous.

Although nearly a decade has passed since Christo died, I venture he would aver that Fergus has kept his vision secure. I have no doubt there have been innumerable subtle alterations--it's Fergus' garden now as well, no doubt about it. But the temperament and style of these two incomparable gardeners is such that the garden glows.

The counterpoint between vista and vignette is played everywhere, as masterfully as a Bach cantata.

Room after room, view up…